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Call Us Today For Daily Specials!
(336) 774-1345
Call Us Today For Daily Specials!
(336) 774-1345

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We provide readings at an affordable charge, so that even on a tight budget you can get the answers you have been searching for.
Please call to check for daily specials!

Palm Reading

Palm Readings offer basic information mostly about yourself & evaluate your character. Palm lines change with age, as you meet new failures or successes, so a palm reading from ten years ago may not be accurate. As an experienced palm reader, we look forward to showing you what life you hold in your hands.
This Reading can be in person only. $25.00

Tarot Card reading

Tarot Card Readings offer insight into Future, Business, Family, Friends, and Relationships.
This Reading can be done in person or over the phone. $45.00

spiritual love reading 

Spirtual love reading is Crystal & Energy Reading that provides information about you and your significant other with or without them being present. This reading also tells past, present, and future.
This reading can be done in person or over the phone.  $85.00

FULL lIFE reading

Full Life Readings reads past present and one full year into the future. Focuses on love, marriage, children, family business, careers and health. Clears confusion, Gives positive guidance, answers questions at the end of the reading. 
This can be done in person or over the phone.  $60.00

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is an energy reading that offers information based on psychic energy. It offers insight on past, present, business, family, friends, and relationships. 
This can only be done in person or over the phone.  $35.00


Have you been broken up or feel like your loosing the one you love? Don't give up! A love method can help you get your partner back. Restoring & enhancing love, passion, trust, intimacy, happiness & commitment. Our love methods are very powerful and are only intended to help relationships with a strong and REAL connection.


Chakras play a important role in the spiritual body. We have 7 chakras and a result of energetic imbalance among the chakras is an almost continuous feeling of dissatisfaction. A chakra balance at the psychic meditation temple will balance your chakras to properly function so you can give & receive to the fullest.


A spiritual energy cleansing will remove spiritual, mental or emotional blockage that you recently have, or have accumulated over the years. Spiritual blocks are often due to situations you have negativity dealt with or people you have encountered in this life time or in past life times. When a spiritual blockage is so severe it can completely take you off your path in life. By completing a spiritual energy cleansing you will finally be able to: achieve & conquer the things in life you feel you were meant to experience, be with the people you feel you were meant to be with & live the life you feel you are destined to live.

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